Club Rides and other training events 2012

This is where we will post up the training sessions, both inside and outdoors, that the club’s riders will be taking part in the 2012season.

Currently (2011 into ’12) the turbo sessions have started – once a week, Tuesday 6:30pm.

Also we hope to run a social / cafe-type ride, 4o miles or so, once per month where the race is NOT to be the fastest but to choose the best cake at the cafe which we will be stopping at.

Each Sunday we have a group leaving the clubrooms – 9am – for a ride of 60 miles or so. Again, any queries get in touch with one of us in the club.

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  1. 1st winter run following the 2010 racing season scheduled to start Sunday 27th November. Leaves the clubrooms 9am. Pace likely will be sensible(ish !)

  2. Well, 1st run is due to kickoff from the clubrooms tomorrow but with the way the weather is …..
    I’ve just spent an hour shoveling the road outside so the chances of the roads of East and Mid Lothian being clear enough to ride tomorrow could be slim. Some more snow is forecast and it’s gonna be chilly !

  3. Good ride today – 8 of of (MRCC + others) left heading South. Roads were pretty grotty but as to be expected TBH.
    Headed over Carberry then across towards Crichton and on to the ‘Stage’ road then down past Stow and looped down through Innerleithen. Finally headed for home back up the Granites with a cross/head/tail/various wind. For myself on my recently aquired SS running 44×17 it was the longest ride I’d done and door-to-door it gave me about 67miles. Legs definately feeling the effect now.
    Good to see both familiar and less familiar faces out today. Upcoming Audax (13th Feb) probably starting to focus people’s minds on getting some good miles in now.

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