Where we are -

Link to google map photo of the clubroom location : Friday nights, around 8:15/8:30


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  1. Congrats on your 75 birthday. I am glad you honour Jimmy Lane, I remember him well and the work he did for MRCC. Please also give my regards to Stuart Sutherland.

  2. I remember jimmy lane well, he introduced me to Smith cycles and helped me look after my bike along with Ian Bruce, Andy Dudgon and a few that names can’t come to mind. I especilly remember my first down hill freewheel contest at the age of 16 (1973) where i could have won had I not hit a cattle grid on the way down.
    also the road time trials setting off from the lay-by at my home village of Wallyford heading to Cockenzie and back.fond memories of a by-gone age.
    it,s a pity I didn’t keep in touch. happy pedal pushing.
    Ian R Hunter

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