Freewheelin’ and Drum Up 2013

The annual end of season Freewheeling and barbecue takes place on Sunday 17th November near Windymains on the B6371 south of Humbie.  The Freewheeling for those that might be new to it is a bit of end of season fun, although some take it very seriously! No pedalling allowed and free wheel downhill and see how far you can get. Riders MUST wear a helmet. There’s a fine trophy for the winner.  While that’s going on the Dum Up barbecue will be hotting up nearby to keep you warm.  Open to club members, friends and family of the club and a very warm welcome to any prospective members young and old.  It will start at midday, although there’s normally a gentle ride out from the clubrooms at Musselburgh. We’ll post a meeting time for the ride out soon.

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  1. Good ride today 8 of of (MRCC + others) left heidang South. Roads were pretty grotty but as to be expected TBH.Headed over Carberry then across towards Crichton and on to the Stage’ road then down past Stow and looped down through Innerleithen. Finally headed for home back up the Granites with a cross/head/tail/various wind. For myself on my recently aquired SS running 44 17 it was the longest ride I’d done and door-to-door it gave me about 67miles. Legs definately feeling the effect now.Good to see both familiar and less familiar faces out today. Upcoming Audax (13th Feb) probably starting to focus people’s minds on getting some good miles in now.

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