Club ride details

Musselburgh Roads Cycling Club is one of the oldest clubs in Scotland and continues to promote cycling in a social, fun and inclusive approach that encourages fitness and personal development.

There are a number of members who cycle 7 days a week, 12 months of the year but the most frequented time is 9am every Sunday from Musselburgh Old Town Hall. Riders set out for 2-3 hours riding at a moderate pace covering some of the best scenery the East of Scotland has to offer. Don’t worry, we’ll throw in a cafe stop and do be safe in the knowledge that if you’re an inexperienced rider, or after a more social leisure ride, one of the experienced members will make sure you are welcomed, accompanied and the rules of no-one gets left behind is followed.

If you’re new to cycling and want an introduction into the club an ideal time to turn up at Musselburgh is the last Sunday of every month, again at 9am. This is the MRCC social run – a gentle, smooth pace with the intention of lot’s of conversation as we navigate to the cafĂ© of choice.

Come and meet us at one of our club runs. Like and follow us on Facebook to find your next outing.

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